Capture_26.pngThe purpose of wearing a uniform is to unite us as a school publicly, as well as being practical. 
Students are required to wear full school uniform, including hat and shoes, at all times. If, on occasion, this is not possible, a note of explanation from parents is expected. 
It is essential that all items of clothing and lunch containers are clearly marked with the student's name.
Jewellery is not part of the school uniform and for safety reasons and to guard against breakage or loss, the wearing of anything other than a wrist watch, a signet ring and a single pair of plain ear studs or sleepers is not permitted
Extreme hair styles are discouraged, long hair is to be tied back or plaited for health and safety.

Purchasing Uniforms

Uniforms may be purchased from Lowes, Grafton Shopping World.

Lowes opening hours are:

9am-5:30pm - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
9am -7pm - Thursday
9am - 4pm - Saturday
9am - 3pm - Sunday


Kahki shorts

Blue shirt with school crest 

Navy school socks

Black school shoes (polished)

Brown sandals may be worn in summer only

Navy school jumper or plain navy jumper with school crest 

Blue frock with white collar and tab 

White school socks

Black school shoes (polished)

Brown sandals may be worn in summer only

Royal blue with red stripe shorts 

School sport shirt

White school socks

White joggers

Broad rimmed hat 


Girls: Navy stockings (tights) 'St Marks' available from Big W 
Navy cardigan, jumper or plain navy jumper with school crest

In all cases it is advisable that girls bring to school a pair of white school socks in case the weather turns warm and they wish to change 

A zip jacket (navy with red piping) is available from the uniform shop. It is non-compulsory 

Neat, navy tracksuit pants are to be worn only in extreme weather conditions 

School Bags:
Optional navy school bags are available to purchase from the school office. 

Second Hand Uniforms 

St Mary’s provides access for families to a second hand clothing bank. Access to these items are available upon request at the school office and items can be purchased for a gold coin donation.