A Message From the Principal 

jac_Matthew_Green.JPGWelcome to St Mary’s Primary School, a Catholic school community that cherishes connection and care. St Mary’s prides itself on being a Catholic school and highly values the close link that we have with the Parish community.

As a Catholic school, the Gospel values are modelled, social justice actions are encouraged, and our students’ faith experiences are related to real-life and reflect our Catholic values and beliefs.

We promote respectful and positive relationships, ensuring that the students and their families feel valued and accepted as part of our school community. We have a strong emphasis on student wellbeing, valuing our students’ diversity and promoting emotional learning for all our students.

Our school has an outstanding reputation for establishing high expectations and achieving excellent academic results. We work together – students, parents and staff – to foster the notion of lifelong learning.

Underlying our school’s culture is the dedication to the celebration of achievement, creativity, effort and improvement in all students. We focus on opportunities in our academic, spiritual, sporting, cultural and service learning domains. It is our belief that every child can benefit from immersing themselves in this culture and achieve personal success.

Individual wellbeing, holistic growth and continuous improvement are attributes modelled by our highly qualified and dedicated staff. We enable students to grow with faith and integrity and become relevant members of our society.

I warmly welcome you to our school and invite you to join us on our learning journey, as we work in partnership with you to provide the best opportunities for your child.

I look forward to getting to know your child and I trust that your relationship with our community will be a happy and positive one for your family.

Jacqueline Moore

Our Leadership Team  

Jacqueline Moore

Dominique Montford
Assistant Principal - Mission

Jasmine Stuart
Assistant Principal - Learning and Teaching
Leader of Inclusion

Leah Bancroft
Leader of Literacy and Numeracy Projects

Peter Tonkin
Leader of Sport