Communication & Reporting

Student Reporting

Students receive a formal academic report at the end of both Semester 1 and Semester 2. These reports provide progress in regards to your child’s achievement in all key learning areas. Reports are completed using the A-E common grade scale and subject specific comments are included to provide a deeper understanding of student achievement.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parents and Carers have the opportunity to meet with their child’s classroom teacher at the end of each semester to discuss student progress. These 15 minute appointments occur before and after school. Parents and carers are also welcome to contact their child’s teacher at any point during the year should anything arise that they wish to discuss further.

Information Evenings

At the beginning of each year, the school principal hosts a Learning Expo for all families. This evening provides the opportunity for parents and carers to give input into school procedures and practices through a forum type conversation. Parents and carers also have the opportunity to touch base with their child’s teacher for the school year.


Using the links below you will be able to download Compass App. This will give you quick access to school memos, newsletters and announcements. 

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