Student Spirituality


Retreat & Reflection Days

Throughout the year students are provided with a variety of opportunities to engage in special retreat days and student discipleship opportunities.

The retreat days are coordinated by the Catholic Schools Office and are led by the Youth Ministry Officers from the local area. Year 4 students participate in Accendere, Year 5 students are involved in Exuro and Year 6 students attend Incitare Retreats.

Religious Education

The Religious Education Program provided to all students at St Mary’s is based on the Lismore Diocesan Guidelines. As a Catholic School we aim to educate students who will mature in their understanding and practice of the faith of the Catholic Church in the areas of Knowledge, Worship and Christian Living (To Know, Worship and Love).

Sacramental Programs

St Mary’s Primary School prepares students for the following Sacramental programs each year. The Sacrament dates are outlined at the beginning of each year once confirmed by the Bishop and the Parish Priest. The Sacrament of Confirmation is received by Year 3 students and the Year 4 students receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.