Safe Travel 


Visitor Parking

Visitors are advised to park outside the school grounds to maintain the safety of the students. The Staff Car Park gates have signs affixed indicating this information.

Parent Pick-up

  • Our parent pick-up is a drive-through pick-up.
  • Parents/carers can stay in their vehicle and your child will be brought to you and loaded safely by a teacher.
  • Move to the furthest point of the drive-through when possible to keep the traffic flowing.
  • Students will only be loaded into the first 2 cars in the pick-up bay. Please do not use the pick-up bay as a parking spot!
  • When exiting the parent pick-up bay, you must turn left. There are strictly NO U TURNS.
  • Each student MUST see their teacher to get their name marked off indicating with whom they are leaving.
  • Only people who are on the student's pick-up list will be able to collect the student. All others will need to show ID to the Secretary in the office (if the Office Staff haven’t been made aware of the change by the parents prior to pick up).

Parking: Drop-off & Pick-up

  • Turf Street - On the eastern side opposite the school, on the western side (school side) either side of the parent pick-up bay.
  • Hoof Street - On the southern side, on the northern side (school side) between the school car park driveway and Westlawn public School.
  • Where possible, walk your child to the school gate to ensure they arrive safely

The staff car park is for staff vehicles only. The car park gates are closed to ensure the safety of our St Mary’s students.

Travelling by bike, skateboard or scooter

Students who ride bikes or skateboards to school enter and leave via the parent pick-up gate. Bikes and scooters need to be walked into the school grounds and parked in the racks located adjacent to the Stage 3 classroom. Lists are maintained daily indicating methods of departure from school. Changes to normal organisation are added to lists on advice from parents or carers and communicated to students via notes for teachers

Travelling by Bus

The School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS) gives eligible school students free or subsidised travel between home and school on NSW public transport.

Families need to live a minimum distance from the school to be eligible for a free school travel pass. The minimum distance varies according to the year/grade the student is enrolled in, in that calendar year:

  1. Years K to 2 (Infants): no minimum distance
  2. Years 3 to 6 (Primary): 1.6 kilometres straight line distance or 2.3 kilometres walking or further
  3. Years 7 to 12 (Secondary): 2 kilometres straight line distance or 2.9 kilometres walking or further.

The school bus bay is located on the southern side of the school opposite the ‘Sunrise on Turf’ shop.

Students are seated in their bus lines inside the school gates and escorted to their bus by the teacher on duty. Students' names are checked off upon leaving the school.

The majority of Hoof St (on the school side) is a bus zone. If you are planning to park on Hoof St, be sure to check the signs to ensure you are not in the bus bay.

Use the links below to access bus routes and timetables: 


BNA Buses

Atwal Buses

Lawrence Bus Service

Additional information

A road safety Message from the Lismore Catholic Schools Office

Some great resources to help your child learn about road safety:

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