Food @ St Mary's


How to order

Our school canteen is operated by parent volunteers and is open on Wednesdays and Fridays at first lunchtime.

Families can order online using the Flexischools app or by writing their choices on a paper bag and bringing it to school with cash for payment. Students place these order bags in lunch tubs in their classroom which are then delivered to the canteen for preparation.

Reusable lunch order bags are available for purchase through the school office. 

Download the Flexischools app from the App store or Google Play.


Daily break times

Beginning of school day - 8:45am

First lunch break - 10:45am – 11:30am

Second lunch break - 1:30pm – 2.00pm

End of school day - 3:05pm

Special Dietary Needs

Food allergies may range from an intolerance (mild) to life threatening. Schools are required to support students through information sharing, training and procedures. At the time of enrolment parents supply information regarding any known food allergies including dairy and nuts. For extreme allergies an Anaphylaxis Action Plan is required. This information is used to prepare an individual plan for the child to support their safety in the school environment. Students are discouraged from sharing food (lunches etc) by their teachers. Families wishing to provide food for their child’s birthday celebrations are reminded of excluded foods by the class teacher. Not all allergies are known at the time of enrolment or sometimes a child will ‘grow out’ of a condition therefore families are requested to provide updates to the school and this information is shared with all staff. Staff undertake regular training in anaphylaxis.